Waterlution Oceania

Waterlution’s vision is for the next generation of decision-makers, across all sectors and stakeholder groups, to be strong, informed leaders with a passion for and commitment to healthy catchments.

We want to do this so New Zealanders are known as global water leaders.

Waterlution's purpose is to inspire pattern-making and pattern-breaking change towards a healthy and sustainable relationship with water.

Healthy waterways and sustainable water management is in everyone’s interest.   Healthy streams and catchments will promote long term health and prosperity in New Zealand. Long term thinking and action is needed in our communities if we are to guarantee our streams and waterways remain places where we can swim and recreate, collect food from and use for energy and economic growth purposes.  New Zealanders are increasingly concerned about water issues and interested in learning about innovative solutions.  Waterlution connects people working to manage water and create positive change in our communities. 

What's different about Waterlution?

Usually the domain of government and councils, dialogue on water is often characterised by representative discussions of an adversarial nature. Sometimes participants have to represent one view or another, and this position may be standing in the way of true collaboration and perspective sharing. Waterlution has found that ripe and productive change can occur at the ground level by building community and connecting people outside of a policy or consultation-driven discussion.

The conversations and dialogues we host are designed to weave together a story of diverse values and perspectives with creative and innovative solutions for a better future for our water. Waterlution participants are encouraged to explore and reflect on complex and current water topics for their own enjoyment, learning and benefit.  We create a safe space for this dialogue to occur.

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